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The web use cookies and those of third parties to improve our services, to facilitate browsing for our users, to take use measurements and statistics about the visits we receive. In compliance with Directive 2009/136/CE, implemented by our regulation pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 22 Law LSSI (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico) (Act on Internet Society and E-commerce Services), following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, we proceed to inform you thoroughly about the use made in our website.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files that are recorded in the browser used by each visitor of our web so that the server can remember that visit next time you access to our contents. This information does not reveal your identity or any personal detail, nor accede to the content stored in your personal computer but allows our system to recognize you as a specific user (anonymous) as you already visited the web previously, displayed certain pages…etc. and also allows to keep your personal preferences and technique information as for example the visits made to the portal or specific pages you visited.

Cookies management

If you do not want Cookies to be stored on your browser or you prefer to be provided with a notice every time a cookie is issued, you can set your browser accordingly. Most browsers today allow cookies management in 3 ways:

  • Cookies are always rejected;
  • The browser asks whether you want to install each cookie or not;
  • Cookies are always accepted.

Your browser can also include the option to choose in detail the cookies you want to be installed on your computer. Specifically, the user can normally accept one of the following options:

  • reject cookies from certain domains;
  • reject third party cookies,
  • accept cookies as not persistent  (they are deleted when the browser is closed)
  • allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.

You can find information about how to set up the most common browsers in the following links:

Regarding third-party cookies, we are not responsible for those that don’t belong to our website, we are not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies that they include so the information we offer is always in reference to the source. Any doubt you have, please contact the webmaster of the domain which creates the cookie.

If you wish to read more about the full terms of use of the website you can do it by clicking this link.

Below, we inform you in detail about the cookies that can be installed from our website . Depending on your navigation, all or just some of them may be installed.


Domain name Name of the cookie Description More information PHPSESSID Cookie used by the programming language PHP  to allow  the sessión variables to be stored in the web server. This cookie is essential for the proper functioning of the web. Privacy Policy _icl_current_language It identifies the language in which the website must be displayed to the user. Privacy Policy _ga Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that mainly allows the owners of the websites to learn more about how the users interact with its website. It uses cookies to store anonymous information and provide trend reports for websites without identifying individual users. Privacy Policy Nid, identificador de canal It collects anonymously, the website usage by visitors and the pages they have visited. Privacy Policy _utma, utmb, utmc, utmz, guestid, remember_checked, remember_checked_on, secure_sesion, twll Content sharing web on twitter Privacy Policy Act, c_user, csm, datr, fl, lu, p, presence, s, sub, xs Content sharing web on facebook Privacy Policy _pinterest_cm Content sharing web on pinterest Privacy Policy Pref, visitor-info-live, ysc Allows viewing of videos and computing reproductions. Privacy Policy _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz Allows viewing of videos and computing reproductions. Privacy Policy


By browsing and continuing in our web, you indicate us that you agree to the use of the aforementioned cookies and under the conditions set out in this Cookies Policy.