Sunday 18th September: Fête de L’Integration

Sunday 18th September: Fête de L’Integration

We will participate in this event that takes place in Junglister.

We will have a stand where you can share our food and where we will also provide information about AMA. Who we are? What are we doing? What do we need?

This feast is meant as a gathering of the large variety of origins and nationalities who live in the neighbourhood. Its main objectives are the exchange of cultures and the collaboration between persons of different origins.

The funds raised will provide financing to projects aimed at a better integration of nationals and foreigners in a situation of hardship.

Please come and enjoy a whole day of a diversity of music, food and drinks, while contributing to a good cause.

Besides the stand, AMA will introduce two performances: The Bolivian musical group Fanáticos de Madrid and the Club de Baile Español directed by Victoria Villalva.

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